Connect with Community



Common Cause ~

Trinity Church is a community of God’s people that defines itself and organizes its life around its real purpose of being an agent of God’s mission to the world. Its true and organizing principle is the mission.

Trinity is a church that engages the world while safeguarding the faith. We are a covenant community centered on Jesus that results in the following:

KNOWING Christ (Membership)

GROWING in Christ (Maturity)

SERVING Christ (M the ministry)

SHARING Christ (Mission)

We desire to be involved in a “sending approach” rather than just an “attractional” approach. We must engage our culture on its own turf rather than be expecting them to come to our turf.

One of the exciting ways we hope to connect with our community is what we call Common Cause. Common Cause is the term we use for the outreach focus of all our ministries. Each Season of Life group, Bible Discovery group, open and closed group and all our ministry teams will have an outreach.

Each Common Cause will be ~

  • Year to year
  • Ministry-specific (geared to that group or ministry)
  • Serve needs in the church, the community, or the world.

Some of our Common Causes this year include the following:

  • Impact lists – developing relationships with neighbors, friends, and co-workers
  • Children’s Bible Discovery classes sponsoring a Compassion International child
  • Invitation to community for an Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt
  • Back to School Drive
  • Youth, local mission trip
  • Harvest Celebration with Thanksgiving outreach dinner
  • Meals to community families
  • Operation Christmas Child

Connect With Community