The Ultimate Reason – Our Christmas Mural

The Story Our Christmas mural was designed by Hal Muller over forty years ago and made by twenty-two Trinity members using 500 square feet of tissue paper and rubber cement.

The Meaning The mural is so titled because Joseph is holding the infant Jesus in the same position in which He will be held on a Roman cross thirty-three years later. The predominating mass of red speaks of blood to be shed for mankind. Crosses are subtly apparent in the background. In the right foreground a pile of cow dung speaks of the abject lowliness of this humble birth.

In every sense, the Child was God-become-man, born to die… so that we might live eternally!

Come Visit! Come see our Christmas mural on any one of the Sundays during the Christmas season. It will also be fully lit up at our Christmas Eve service at 5 pm on Christmas Eve at Trinity















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